bluesSHOUT! is the world's foremost Blues event, defining and leading this dance and our community. The bluesSHOUT! dance floor, stage, and classroom are where dancers find a spiritual connection to the music, are inspired to take chances in their movement, partnership, and styling, and together push the envelope of passion and intensity in Blues dance.

bluesSHOUT! isn't about "preserving" the dances of yesterday, nor is it about trying to invent dances to replace those that developed with the creation of Blues music. It is about connecting with the culture of the Blues and becoming part of the living tradition. bluesSHOUT! is meant not only to draw Blues dance closer to the roots of its past but to send it bursting into the future, all while giving the dances the respect of technique, culture, history, and aesthetic that they deserve.

bluesSHOUT! is a celebration of the music and culture that has given rise to the dances we do historically and contemporarily. It is a place where one-upmanship and sibling rivalries go hand in hand with praise and support. It is community, and it is family. Welcome in, welcome back.

Contributors: Heidi Fite, Damon Stone, Sara Cherny

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