bluesSHOUT! 2015

Welcome to bluesSHOUT! 2015!

2015 Competition Results

Newcomer JnJ Finalists


  • Connie Chen (1st)


  • Jinho Hwang (1st)

Open JnJ Finalists


  • Laney Barhaugh (1st)
  • Tess Myers (2nd)
  • Angie Fadness (3rd)


  • Nicholas Burt (1st)
  • Jon Vigil (2nd)
  • Chris O Härm (3rd)

All Star JnJ Finalists


  • Rachel Stirling (1st)
  • Campbell Miller (2nd)
  • Julie Brown (3rd)
  • Joy Arico
  • Heidi Fite
  • Nicole Trissell


  • Amos Rose (1st)
  • Shawn Hershey (2nd)
  • Timothy O'Neill (3rd)
  • Daniel Repsch
  • Dan Legenthal
  • Dexter Santos

Open Strictly Finalists

  • Olivia Yu and Ross Blythe (1st)
  • Erin Kelly and John Vigil (2nd)
  • Natalya Alissa and Philippe Wilson (3rd)
  • Jenn Martinez and Chris O Härm
  • Andy Lee and Dawa Jung
  • Sarah Lokay and Joey Shelley

All Star Strictly Finalists

  • Jennifer Sowden and Daniel Repsch (1st)
  • Julie Brown and Timothy O'Neill (2nd)
  • Rachel Stirling and Joe Joseph DeMers (3rd)
  • Joy Arico and Damon Stone
  • Kara Fabina and Amos Rose
  • Grace Jones-Taylor and Dexter Santos

Solo Cuttin' Finalists

  • Paul Mandel (Champion!)
  • Joy Arico
  • Flouer Courtney Evelyn
  • Kevin Bradley Lee
  • Forrest Rogers-Marcovitz
  • John Vigil
  • Aaron Brown
  • Dan Rosenthal

Most Qualified All Star

  • Follow: Julie Brown
  • Lead: Paul Mandel


bluesSHOUT! is an annual celebration of Blues Dance, striving to bring you the best of the blues dance world every year through classes, competitions, and dances. bluesSHOUT! instructors are the very top of the industry and are in demand nationally and globally. Competitions cater to the diverse palates of amateurs and professionals alike, and aim to inspire both the competitors and spectators to achieve their most creative, authentic, and expressive dancing. You can expect the very best bands and musicians from Chicago and beyond, providing three nights of live blues music, and keeping the floor packed all night long.


Chicago has been a blues music hub for almost a century. The Chicago sound was perfected here by local greats such as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Buddy Guy, Willie Dixon, Koko Taylor, Champion Jack Dupree, Etta James, and so many more. The blues is not only an irreplaceable part of Chicago's past, but also adds a thriving pulse to its present, with live blues music happening every night throughout the city. In addition, the annual Chicago Blues Festival continues to attract thousands of blues enthusiasts from all over the world for three full days of free live blues. The Chicago blues dance scene is extremely excited to welcome bluesSHOUT! attendees to our city!