A teacher of a dance is a teacher of culture. Blues culture is a culture of humanity and vulnerability. There is a personal and local nature to this music and this dance, and the best teachers bring their whole selves to the dance and the classroom. Learning is both a personal and a collaborative journey, and we believe that all learners benefit from a knowledgeable tour guide. How you as the tour guide structure that journey for your students shapes how they process, combine, and apply the material you are teaching. Teaching is an art. It is important to consider the literal curriculum (the physical dance you actually teach) and the hidden curriculum such as expectations and values. Blues culture allows you to approach both areas of subject matter based on how you structure material and set up instructor-student interactions.

This year we will be interweaving teacher training throughout the weekend. There will be dedicated classes about teaching, and teacher training students will also be expected to observe other dance classes in order to augment their learning by observing pedagogical principles in action.

The teacher training track will be an option when you register for your weekend pass. You may be asked to complete some coursework ahead of the weekend.