Friday, April 5th, 1pm- 4pm
Forum Leader Andi Hansen
  • Jan 12- Feb 18: $40
  • Feb 19-March 22: $45
  • At-the-Door: $50

How do you start a scene? How do you foster a healthy community, help it grow in size and knowledge, and bring others on board so your community is strong enough to continue without you? Where do you even find resources to learn how to do all those things? Here! We’ve gathered an expert panel of organizers and scene leaders to help you on your quest to make your scene the best it can be. 

We will address topics such as community engagement and retention, adding historical and cultural context to your classes and events, helping your scene be appreciative vs appropriative, and passing on leadership and knowledge.

The Organizer and Scene Leader Forum will be an add-on option when you register for your weekend pass. Registrants are advised to sign up by 3/16 to avoid missing out of pre-weekend prep work.