Open Nerd Hour

Here at bluesSHOUT!, we are always pushing the boundaries of what a blues dance event can be, and we are trying a brand new concept for bluesSHOUT! 2019!

Open Nerd Hour is an opportunity for folks in our wonderful community to share work that they are doing off of the dance floor to study and engage with blues dance, blues music, and blues culture.

Our theme this year is “Black Culture is Blues Culture.” We are looking for presentations of work related to Blues Dance, Blues Music, and Black Culture as well as the intersections between them. Academic work, literary work, and short-format performative work are welcome. Presentations will be 10-15 minutes long, and will take place between 1pm and 2:45pm on Sunday, April 7th, 2019, at bluesSHOUT! 2019.

Please submit your proposal, including a 250-500 word abstract, using this form.

Deadline for submissions is February 15th, 2019.

You will be notified of acceptance of your presentation by March 1st, 2019.