Class Levels Are Now Class Styles

This year at bluesSHOUT! we have removed auditions in favor of a classification system for classes. Think of these not as levels and more as a guide for what you want to work on and how you want to challenge yourself.

Class Styles

Mind: These classes will be conceptually complex, and will challenge your brain. The goal is to try on new ideas, and wrap your mind around new approaches to your dance. Think calculus without a calculator. In a language you do not speak.

Body: These classes will be physically and/or technically challenging. Think fast movement, intricate footwork, or unique shapes. You may feel like a baby giraffe. This is fine.

Soul: These classes will (1) open your experience of blues culture and history, or (2) help you be introspective about your dance, or (3) help you communicate with your partners and peers and connect with them on an interpersonal and social level.

(BYOP) Bring Your Own Partner Classes

We have added some Bring Your Own Partner(s) aka BYOP classes.These classes will involve more complicated partnered moves and mechanics. You are welcome to partner with a small group of 3-4 dancers for these classes. 

If you need help finding a partner for these classes, we have a spreadsheet to help you find someone who shares your learning styles and goals.  BYOP Partner finder