About bluesSHOUT! Classes

Class Levels Are Now Class Styles

This year at bluesSHOUT! we have removed auditions in favor of a rating system for classes that we are calling ‘spiciness’. Think of these less as levels and more as flavor profiles. The spicier the class, the more intense and fast paced it will be, and the harder it will be on your brain and body. 

Class Styles

Bell Pepper: Bell Pepper classes will be rich, hearty, and full of flavor. Expect to explore some of the introspective, historical, and social sides of blues dance technique, partnering, musicality, and culture. In these classes you’ll have the most opportunity to discuss and dig in to the roots of your dance with your classmates and instructors and to really connect with your own dance, your dance partners, and your peers. These classes will give you the most opportunity to direct your own learning as well.

Jalapeno: Are you looking for more spice in your dancing? To find that kick that will take your dancing to the next level? Jalapeno classes are for dancers in transition who are actively looking to make significant improvement in their dancing. These classes are designed to give you new ideas, new techniques, and new ways to explore your movement and partnering. The pace will be moderate, with time for questions and answers in order to focus and tailor your learning experience to you. Expect to leave each class with several new ideas or concepts to work on or wrap your brain around.

Habanero: If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. These classes will be physically and/or mentally challenging for even the best dancers in our scene - think folks who are teaching at the national and international level and/or winning competitions. Instructors will move through material quickly, or may focus intensely on a single area. High level blues technique is expected from participants and there will be little time for questions or chit chat. Critiques from teachers will be direct and you will be expected to integrate the feedback immediately. Be prepared to sweat or to bend your brain or both. Some of these classes may require a partner. 


Topic Descriptions

(I) Idiom

These classes go into great detail about how to do specific blues dances correctly. There will be a lot of explaining, but also time to practice. Classes may move slowly so that you can be sure to get things right.

(A) Aesthetic

These classes will be diverse, but will all focus on creating movement in direct response to the music. 

(C) Culture

These classes will discuss the social, political, historical, and cultural aspects of The Blues.

(T) Artistry

These classes will focus on helping you to express your own personality, story, perspective, or reaction to the music through movement.

(L) Lecture and Seminar Classes

These classes are meant to bring variety and depth to your dance education. We highly encourage you to branch out from your usual partnered class experience and learn something out of the box!