Reminder: Class Styles are not levels. Styles tell you about the pace and intensity of the class, and all classes are open to anyone based on how hard they would like to work in that class.

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Blues Fundamentals
Mike Grosser Ruth Evelyn

If you are newer to blues and you want to be able to have fun social dancing, this is the class for you. We’ll cover some of the foundations that the blues dances have in common so that you can have a great night on the social floor and have more confidence going into other classes.

The Story *In* the Blues
Heidi Fite

Blues music is a collection of the stories of the African-American experience that ranges from the personal to the communal and encompasses a range of emotions well beyond joy and sorrow. This class will help you connect with the music and its social context to help you make informed decisions in your dancing and give your Blues dancing more depth and expression.

Blackness and the Contemporary Blues Dance Scene
Damon Stone Jen Delk

This session will be a discussion of current issues in our blues dance scene as they relate to representation, integration, identification, and promotion of blues dance to ethnically diverse audiences.

Solo Dancing to Jazz Blues
Dan Legenthal

Due to the more melodic nature of Jazz music and Jazz Blues, it can be difficult to stay bluesy while also matching what you hear in the song. Dan is an expert in this area, and will help you find movement that fits the sound, feels good in the body, and is authentic to blues and jazz dance.

Chicago Over Time
Damon Stone Kelsy Stone

The blues in Chicago has been here for a hundred years, and as the music evolved, so did the dancing. Starting with the Slow Drag, we'll explore various blues idiom dances as done in Chicago and how the changes in its music scene were reflected in the dances.

Chick & Ella's Rhythm & Romance
Julie Brown Christi Jay Wells

This is a special opportunity to explore specific elements of the musical techniques of Chick Webb & eElla Ftzgerald as they can apply to dance, while also looking at dancing to big band romantic ballads. Your instructors will bring their deep musical knowledge and combine it with several fun and practical ideas for dancing to this music.

Getting Over, Pushing Through
Mike Grosser
This class is about understanding and working through our limitations. This includes challenges or roadblocks in dance skill/technique, social ability, motivation, artistic values, ego/attitude, as well as managing injuries. We will work on developing greater understanding of ourselves, where our personal challenges arise, and how we can move through them.
Why Do We Dance?
Chelsea June Adams Heidi Fite

What do *you* like about blues music and blues dancing? What types of songs or dances do you like the most? By getting in touch with your specific reasons for dancing (to connect with others, to perform, to compete, to exercise your body) and the musical and dancing preferences, you can reconnect to your love of the blues dancing in a deeper and more joyful way.

The Ballroom
Damon Stone Kelsy Stone

This class is a Ballroom Blues sampler, focusing entirely on partnered dances that move in the round. We'll cover the One Step and specific dances within it, The Strut and The Stride, what music they were danced to and how that shaped them.

(Two hour intensive)

You Are Here.
Dan Legenthal Mike Legenthal

This is a class about partnership, and we'll be taking it from the perspective of self awareness. The long format of this class will allow for thoughtful exploration of your own movement and how it relates to your partner and movement that you create together.

(Two hour intensive)

Mike Grosser Ruth Evelyn

Stretch and compression are integral to many blues idioms, including Texas Shuffle, Chicago Triple, the Ballroom, Struttin’, and many others. In this intensive, we will dive into the physical mechanics of stretch and compression so that you can unlock the possibilities of more dynamic partnering. Come ready to stretch your brain and your body. Already comfortable with stretch and compression? Get ready to take it to the next level!

(Two hour intensive)

Solo Challenge
Julie Brown

Come ready to work! his 2-hour solo intensive will give your more complexity, nuance, and challenge in your movement repertoire. We'll build from the styles of dancers like Sandra Gibson, Al Minns, & James Berry, then find our own variations & style within this type of solo movement. Get ready to do some serious rolling, and twisting!

(Two hour intensive)


Turns: Adaptive Partnering
Julie Brown Ruth Evelyn

This class is an advanced deep-dive on styling and communicating during endpoints and momentum moves. A pre-requisite for this class is that you must be able to create, maintain, and control momentum (linear and rotational) in the role you'll be taking this class in. Followers will come away with a better ability to express themselves during momentum, and leaders will come away with a greater ability to adapt to different followers and ideas during momentum.


Gettin' Janky With It
Heidi Fite Mike Grosser

We'll take a look at the broad range of Jookin style dances including struttin', knee rocks, mooche, grind, mess-around, funky butt, and fishtails. This is a great review for experienced dancers, and a chance for intermediate dancers to check their knowledge and learn a few things.

How To Not Be a Defensive White Person
Chelsea June Adams

This class is a no holds barred investigation of White defensiveness about African American topics. We'll define, address, and dismantle concepts such as virtue signaling, white guilt, and justification of racist behaviors. While the topics are heavy, the approach of this session will be flexible. We'll have an open discussion and Q&A on how to more honestly engage in conversation about the topic of race and to quit feeling the need to justify ourselves in order to talk about other cultures.

So You Think You Have Rhythm?
Mike Grosser Ruth Evelyn

Want a class that breaks your brain and fills you with the desire to practice? We will challenge your rhythmic clarity, range, and depth of feeling for both solo and partnered blues.

Dan Legenthal

Working with the whole foot and the floor, this class will delve in to the engaging and nuanced concept of 'Sand'.

Damon Stone Julie Brown

Polyrhythm and polycentric movement are essential components of blues dance. Sure, you can master these skills in your own body, but can you do it with a partner? Julie and Damon will challenge you to both create and collaborate in this class.

Adaptive Close Embrace
Mike Grosser Ruth Evelyn

Have you been dancing close embrace for years and want to diversify the way you connect to unlock more possibilities? This class is for you. Are you looking for ways to make close embrace comfortable for yourself and your partner, both physically and mentally? This is the class for you. Want to connect well with more partners of different heights, shapes, and experience levels? See you in class.

Saturday Night Sunday Morning
Heidi Fite Christi Jay Wells

It may seem contradictory, but gospel (the Sunday morning music of the church) and blues (the Saturday night music of the juke joint) share the same roots, influences and many musical traits.  In this class, we’ll talk about gospel and blues as “two sides of the same coin” and use this knowledge to inform our dancing. We’ll spend some time talking about it, but you’ll also get plenty of time to try what you learn dancing to lots of great gospel music in class.