My Daddy Rocks Me

- Mike and Dan Legenthal

This routine is a refreshing exploration of jazz-blues, blending classic ballroomin' with a hearty dash of contemporary creativity.

- Song by Sidney Bechet

Black Rattler

- Jinho Hwang, Young Gene Park, SulHee Yi, Tae Hyeon Kim, Jung-im Park

We are excited to welcome The Mustangs from Seoul, Korea!

- Song by Carl Sonny Leyland Trio Meets Nathan James and Ben Hernandez.

Come To Me Baby

- Mike Grosser
This piece is about struttin' your  stuff and shakin' what you got because it feels good and because a desirable person is watching.
- Song by Howlin' Wolf

Tough Truckin'

- The B-Sides: Julie Brown, Ruth Evelyn, Mike Grosser, Dan Legenthal, Mike Legenthal, Forrest Rogers-Marcovitz

The B-Sides are back with another amazing group routine!

- Song by Duke Ellington

Pink Champagne

- Julie Brown, Sarah Elise, Ruth Evelyn

This piece plays with themes and imagery of champagne--imagery of bubbles, liquid, and flutes. We explore champagne's dual personality: on one side refined and elegant, on the other nasty, not giving a damn. As a part of that, the choreography plays with the trope of sexy chorus-girl routines, but instead celebrates personal delight in one's own sensuality, challenging the idea of the objectifying gaze.

- Song by Joe Liggins and His Honeydrippers

Tell Me More and Then Some

- Dexter Santos and Noemi Blue

An interpretation of desires between two lovers as expressed in dance, one wanting more and the other only able to give so much.

- Song by Nina Simone