Porchfront Blues

- Laney Barhaugh, Julie Brown, Gerry Hundt, Ronnie Shellist, Damon Stone

This unpretentious routine is Americana at its best. In the American South, the front porch was (and still is) a place to spend time with friends and family. If you were lucky, someone brought a guitar, banjo, or harmonica and folks could enjoy music and dance. Come on over and join us for a spontaneous and casual jam with some of our best dancers and our favorite musicians.

Rattlin' Bones

- Dawa Jung, Youngdon Kwon

Youngdon and Dawa are presenting a piece that reflects the complexity of emotion surrounding death and also the past. Often, you can find humor in the darkness, and humor is an important way of processing grief and loss. This piece seeks to uplift our spirits through heavy times as the past rises up to shout out.

- Song by Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Never Make a Move Too Soon

- Ross Blythe, Cortnie Cook, Andi Hansen, Sarah Lokay

This piece is about friendship, camaraderie, and having fun together - there is joy, friendly competition, and community. The song, Never Make a Move Too Soon by BB King, starts out on a down-note, but quickly turns around, becoming about being happy despite a bad situation and prospering afterwards. We felt that was an apt reference to what we often love about blues dancing- finding joy and community, finding the silver lining in the midst of all the shit.

Jeep's Blues

- The BSides: Julie Brown, Ruth Evelyn, Mike Grosser, Dan Legenthal, Mike Legenthal, Forrest Rogers Marcovitz, with special guests Flouer Evelyn and Shawn Hershey
This piece centers on the jazz-blues of New York, inspired by many New York dancers & dances, ranging from the social to the showy. Through this piece, we seek to embody the value of individual style so inherent to black dance, as well as honor the rich history of queer culture in Harlem that intertwined with blues and jazz culture. Growing out of last year's choreography that explored the joys of subtlety in social blues dancing, this year The B-Sides challenge ourselves and the community to also explore the performative end of blues dance.

Selected References and Inspirations:
“Blues Legacies and Black Feminism” by Angela Davis
"The Wiz" 1978 Musical by Universal Pictures and Motown Productions
"The Spirit Moves" Documentary
"A Brief Introduction to Savoy Walk" by Damon Stone for Blues and Jazz Dance Book Club
Bobby Green
Al Minns
Sandra Gibson
Josephine Baker
The Berry Brothers
Song: "Jeeps Blues" by Duke Ellington Orchestra

Instructor Demos

- Instructor Demos

In the interest in celebrating idioms at SHOUT! we had our wonderful instructors provide demonstrations to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to explore:

(Idioms listed in order)

  • Gut Bucket: Mike Grosser, Ruth Evelyn, Julie Brown Heidi Fite (0:23)
  • Funky Butt: Mike Grosser and Julie Brown, Hiedi Fite and Chelsea Adams (2:06)
  • Chicago Triple: Julie Brown and Damon Stone, Ruth Evelyn and Mike Grosser (4:26)
  • Piedmont: Christi Jay Wells and Heidi Fite, Damon Stone and Mike Legenthal (6:25)
  • Texas Shuffle: Damon and Kelsey Stone, Mike and Dan Legenthal (8:02)
  • Sand: Dan Legenthal, Mike Grosser, Heidi Fite, Ruth Evelyn (9:58)
  • Strut: Damon and Kelsey Stone, Mike and Dan Legenthal (12:10)
  • Stride: Damon Stone with Mike Legenthal, Dan Legenthal with Kelsey Stone (13:58)