bluesSHOUT! 2018 Performances

This year, we have chosen a theme for performances at bluesSHOUT! 2018. For your performance submission, please ponder the question, "What Is Blues?" You can ask the question, answer the question, or meditate on the question. We hope that this will inspire your creativity, and look forward to your interpretations.

To submit a performance, please send a short clip - at least 1 minute - of your routine to along with the following information:

  • Full names of performance members
  • Brief description of the performance
  • Name of the troupe, if applicable
  • Name of song and artist

The deadline for performance submissions is Friday, February 16th, 2018. Acceptance notifications will go out by Friday, March 9th, 2018.

In order to thank you for sharing your talent with all of us, performers will be offered a 50% discount off of your registration price. This discount will apply to up to 6 people in one group.