The All Star division at bluesSHOUT! is literally the best of the best. These competitors have proven themselves against the best dancers in the country and world. Eligibility criteria are designed to recognize the merits of the competitors at the highest levels of competition.

General Criteria

You qualify as an All Star competitor if:

  • You are a current bluesSHOUT! instructor, or have been a bluesSHOUT! instructor in the past three years.
  • You placed first in a Qualifying Competition in the past three years.

2019 Qualifying Competitors

These lists are up to date, based on event information received by January 22, 2019.  If you have any questions, please email us at


Andi Hansen
Angie Huang
Anna Price
Brandy Smith
Dawa Jung
Erin Kelly
Flouer Evelyn
Gabrielle Kern
Gina Longo
Grace Jones-Taylor
Grey Ruffin
Heidi Fite
Jennifer Sowden
Julie Brown
K. Faye Adnak
Kara Fabina
Krystal Wilkerson
Laney Barhaugh
Laura Chieko
Maggie Karshner
Mike Legenthal
Nathaniel Abrea
Rachel Stirling
Ruth Evelyn
Sarah Elise
Sarah Lokay
Shoshi Krieger-Joven
Sohyoung Kim
Vicci Moore


Adamo Ciarallo
Alex Edwards
Alfredo Melendez
Amos Rose
Andrew Smith
Andy Lee
Ari Hausman-Cohen
Brian Richards
Chris Carey
Chris Wells
Clyde Wright
Damon Stone
Dan Legenthal
Daniel Repsch
Forrest Rogers-Marcovitz
Jeff Segal
Joe Demers
Joey Science
John Lozano
John Vigil
Kenneth Shipp
Marc Longhenry
Mark Carpenter
Mike Grosser
Nathaniel Abrea
Nick DeWitt
Om Chaudry
Philippe Wilson
Ross Blythe
Tim O'Neill
Youngdon Kwon
Zach Brass