"So we too can make creative contributions, even though the door of freedom is not fully opened. We need not wait until oppression ceases before we seek to make creative contribution to our nation’s life." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Bands and DJs

Did you know that our DJs spend hours and hours in advance of bluesSHOUT! weekend choosing the perfect songs for competitions? They also are constantly curating their collections of thousands of blues songs in order to choose the perfect blend for the social floor. Our DJ staff is made up of some of the most experienced and knowledge blues music experts in the country. We are so proud of their scholarship and their true love for blues music. Expect to hear old favorites, hidden gems, and new finds!


It is absolutely thrilling to see the amount of talent that comes to the bluesSHOUT! competition floor every year, from our shining Newcomers to our stalwart All Stars.

In order to reflect the changes we are seeing in our national and international blues dance community values, we have made a significant change to the competition and judging criteria. Please make sure to read the Competition page from beginning to end!

Visit the Competitions page for more information on rules and eligibility.

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***bluesSHOUT! 2018 Winners***

Newcomer MnM
Follow: Gwen Bone
Lead: John Le

Open MnM
1st: Brandy Smith and Alfredo Melendez
2nd: Vicci Moore and Emily Joy Troe
3rd: Olivia Hillmer and Adamo Ciarallo

All Star MnM:
1st: Flouer Evelyn and Damon Stone
2nd: Mike Legenthal and Daniel Repsch
3rd: Jennifer Sowden and Dan Legenthal

Open Strictly:
1st: Vicci Moore and Adamo Ciarallo
2nd: Leia Chang and Sarah Elise
3rd: Riley Karbon and Emily Joy Troe

All Star Strictly:
1st: Mike Legenthal and Damon Stone
2nd: Julie Brown and Timothy O'Neill
3rd: Laura Chieko and Ross Blythe

Solo Cuttin:
Vicci Moore


This year, we have chosen a theme for performances at bluesSHOUT! 2018. For your performance submission, please ponder the question, "What Is Blues?" You can ask the question, answer the question, or meditate on the question. We hope that this will inspire your creativity, and look forward to your interpretations.

The 2018 performances have been posted!