"So we too can make creative contributions, even though the door of freedom is not fully opened. We need not wait until oppression ceases before we seek to make creative contribution to our nation’s life." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Bands and DJs

Sweet Home Chicago is the home of the electric blues sound, greats like Muddy Waters and Koko Taylor, and a thriving and diverse community of modern blues artists. We’ll bring you live music from top local talent.

Did you know that our DJs spend hours and hours in advance of bluesSHOUT! weekend choosing the perfect songs for competitions? They also are constantly curating their collections of thousands of blues songs in order to choose the perfect blend for the social floor. Our DJ staff is made up of some of the most experienced and knowledge blues music experts in the country. We are so proud of their scholarship and their true love for blues music. Expect to hear old favorites, hidden gems, and new finds! This year, make sure you take a listen before or after songs - our DJs will be sharing what they’re playing and maybe a few interesting tidbits about the music!


This year, we really want to focus our competitions on two things: Partnership and Musicality. For this reason, we will only be having Strictly style competitions at the Open and All Star levels. The Newcomer will remain a mix and match style competition, and the solo cuttin' competition will remain the same. Visit the Competitions page to read the updates to competition rules, formats, and more.

The All Star Qualifying Competitor list has been updated for 2019!

Click here to watch the bluesSHOUT! 2019 Competition Videos

***bluesSHOUT! 2019 Winners***

Newcomer MnM:

Follow: Liliann Malcolm
Lead: Jalen Williams

Open Strictly: 

1st: Dexter Santos and Mélisande Leduc 
2nd:  Adam Wilkerson and Olivia Hillmer
3rd: Sarah Elise and Elizabeth Lynn Rakphongphairoj Kilrain

All Star Strictly:

1st: Julie Brown and Dan Legenthal
2nd: Ruth Evelyn and Mike Grosser
3rd: Krystal Wilkerson and Clyde Wright

Solo Cuttin:

Catherine Palmier


This year, we asked performance groups to create works that uphold values we believe to come from black culture in blues music and dance. You can read about their pieces on the website, and we are very excited to see them perform!

We have some great performances lined up. Check out the Performances page!