bluesSHOUT! 2020 has gone virtual!

We are delighted to be able to provide our Shouties throughout the world with three (ish) days of virtual content April 3-5!

We have an amazing line up of live music and DJs who will be playing sets throughout the weekend. We will also have talks and lessons from our bluesSHOUT! 2020 staff.  The event is free, but you can check out the individual staff bios to find out ways to send financial support their way.

For simplicity, we'll be posting the entire schedule in one Google Sheet with links to the music stream and the educational videos here and in the bluesSHOUT! Public Folder on Google Drive. 

You will see three platforms used for broadcasting.

  • Zoom for classes and talks
  • to hear music
  • to hear the DJs banter

We ask that you check out our Guide on How To Be a Good Virtual Attendee before joining

We hope you'll all hop online to join us! We miss you and we love you!


Your bluesSHOUT! 2020 Team