Sara Cherny

- Board - Director

Sara began blues dancing in 2001 in St. Louis, and has been on the leading edge of the blues dance community since then. She first became involved in cat herding ... ahem, event organization in 2003 with the St. Louis Lindy Blues Exchange and Cheap Thrills All Blues Weekend, and is a Co-Director of Bluetopia, Chicago's longest running blues dance event. Sara is passionate about helping the traditional forms of blues dance persist across generations, and is proud that bluesSHOUT! has earned its place as the world's premier blues dance event.


Jen Delk

- Board - Finance/Tech

Jen specializes in getting things done. This means keeping an eye on the people and the money. She joined the SHOUT! team in 2010 as volunteer coordinator (she was summoned from lindyhop organizer retirement) and became a member of the board in 2014. Since joining the board, Jen has been more involved in creating new content on race and culture.

Outside of being a SHOUT! organizer she enjoys mentoring new organizers, attending niche dance events, reading, long walks, sunsets, and night swimming.

Naomi Choodnovskiy

- Board - Operations Lead

Naomi first joined the BluesSHOUT staff in 2011 as the volunteer coordinator in Boston and became a member of the board in 2016.  While her role continues to grow and evolve, her key skills include getting you from point A to point B, keeper of the keys, trader of all jacks, late-night venue whisperer, triage damage control, and emergency getaway-car driver.
When not managing dancers in Chicago, Naomi teaches high school science in NYC.

Cortnie Cook

- Operations, finance, and tech

Cortnie Cook fell in love with blues because of the emphasis on individual expression, communication between partners, and cozy connections that are formed on and off the dance floor. Besides loving dance, she also loves blues music; DJing in her home scene of Grand Rapids. When she’s not dancing, she works as a physical therapist assistant helping people return to activities that they enjoy. She will gladly geek out with you about any of the above topics! Cortnie is excited to work with Jen as her assistant because of the emphasis on culture and friendly sportsmanship that is present at blueSHOUT!.

Charlie Walker

- Operations

Charlie Walker first fell into the world of dance in 2015 when he started college. After serving on his college's board for two and a half years, he is finally post-graduation and excited to see what the world has in store for him. He enjoys the feelings of platonic closeness, the sense of elegance and connection that blues has to offer. Charlie is excited to work as Sara’s assistant and contribute to BluesSHOUT because of his love for the event, the community, and being helpful.